What is Zen-Shiatsu?

Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, Zen-Shiatsu is a holistic body work from Japan. Body and soul are seen as inseparably connected and their harmonious concurrence is enabled by energy. This energy is often called life force (Chinese: Qi).
Through gentle and well-directed touch Zen-Shiatsu stimulates the harmonizing flow of this life force and thus strengthens the self-healing properties of the body.

How does Zen-Shiatsu work?

The dissolving of inner blockages of the life force has a profoundly balancing effect on body and soul and feels deeply rejuvenating and relaxing. It is the clear and empathetic presence of the practitioner that makes Zen-Shiatsu unique as he or she tunes into the person and touches them in their depth. The dissolving of the tensions and stagnation of Qi allows for a totally different bodily experience.
Zen-Shiatsu is an accredited part of the health care in Japan where it is used to boost the immune system, to increase vitality and prevent disease. It is known as a delightful and effective remedy against exhaustion, stress and mental imbalance.
In order to receive the maximum benefit from Zen-Shiatsu a series of treatments is recommended.

The Treatment

Zen-Shiatsu is a whole body treatment and lasts for up to one hour.
It is being done on a soft futon on the floor wearing comfortable clothing. Apart from sensitively touching with thumbs, hands, elbows and even knees, a variety of stretches and rotations are being used. Zen-Shiatsu is most often being done in supine and prone position, occasionally also lying on one’s side and sometimes even sitting up.
A treatment also includes a conversation in which detailed information about the person and their complaints are being gathered. Individual recommendations regarding diet, exercise and meditation that support and stabilize the self-healing process can be given here.

Please bring comfortable clothing, preferably made of natural fibre.
A treatment lasts about 60 min.
Gift coupons are available upon request.