Shiatsu at the Office

No doubt, spending long hours sitting at your desk staring at the computer screen with pressing deadlines breathing down your neck puts a lot of pressure on your body and mind.
A healthy and balanced posture often gets neglected and breathing becomes shallow. Typically this leads to tensions particularly in the neck and shoulder area and gives rise to various complaints such as headaches, back pain, inability to concentrate, fatigue, irritability and may even result in burn-out. 

Office Shiatsu

Office Shiatsu offers you a highly pleasurable and effective massage which counteracts physical tensions and stress. The attuned touching and gentle stretching of your body dissolves energetic blockages and tightness, freeing up new energy resources. After only a short time you can return to your desk with renewed focus and vigour or simply enjoy the rest of the day.

The Treatment

Office Shiatsu is done right at your work place, fully clothed on a comfortable futon provided by me. No messy oils, no undressing!

Due to the small space required, Office Shiatsu can take place just about anywhere.

For company events, trade shows or conferences please ask for an individual offer.

Treatment time

Minimum 20 min. per person
Minimum 90 min. per company

Please contact me for prices

Gift vouchers are available upon request