Spiritual Counselling

This one-on-one work is based on the understanding that everybody possesses what in Buddhism is called “prajna”, or heart wisdom. It makes a distinction between wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge can be attained by reading books, studying teachings or attending workshops and programs. Wisdom is a natural quality and function of the human heart, an aspect of our true nature which need not be acquired and cannot be lost.

These sessions support people in reconnecting with their own sense of inner knowing so that clarity arises naturally without any unnecessary dependence on a teacher or therapist.

Common issues that people bring to a session:
- Seeking guidance for one’s meditation practice
- Questions regarding one’s spiritual path
- Support in crisis
- Rediscovering meaning and direction in life

Duration: 60 min.

One-on-one Sessions

Individual sessions are conducted with clients lying on a mattress. They are guided into a deepening of their breath which raises the level of energetic intensity in the body. Emotional and energetic blockages are becoming visible as they rise to the surface. Emotions like anger, sadness, longing, lust or joy that have so far been trapped in the body, often for years, even decades, can be expressed and released and give way to “streaming”, the natural flow of energy in the body.
To support the client in this process, a variety of techniques, like gentle touch or massaging, voice work and movement, are being used. The essential “tool” in this process however, is the open empathetic presence of the body worker.

The aim is for clients to become aware of their inner contraction and avoidance of their feelings and impulses. To recognize this as their own activity rather than something that is happening to them enables them to discover new ways of being with themselves and in the world. The attunement to their body, feelings and sensations increases so that slowly an inner spaciousness grows, full of aliveness and tenderness.