Living Presence - Embodies Awareness as a foundation in meditation

2-day workshop September 10/11 2016

The body plays a central role and is an important tool in meditation. As a reliable anchor for awareness it helps us to return to the present moment. But the body is more than just an anchor. It gives us access to our feelings and our vitality and shows us how much we are at home in ourselves, whether we openly receive and let go or whether we struggle and reject. Bodily presence offers a space in which we can observe and feel into our experiences without getting lost in mental concepts and interpretations. Meditation is more than just mental training. Cultivation of embodied awareness helps the fruits of our practice to sink from the mind into heart and guts.

This workshop is open for beginners as well as experienced meditators. 

Times: Sat 11 am - 6 pm; Sun 9 am - 1 pm

Venue: Iyengar Yoga Zentrum Hamburg - Eppendorfer Weg 57 A, Hinterhof, 4.Stock - 20259 Hamburg

Fee: 160 Euro

This weekend workshop includes:

- Sitting posture: the body as an anchor in meditation

- Bodily presence as foundation for feeling awareness

- Breath meditation, Body-sweeping, Meditation on feelings, how to be with physical and emotion pain in meditation

- Walking meditation

- Gentle breathing exercises to support meditation practice


Dear visitor,

In some approaches of inner work the qualities of stillness and aliveness are seen as opposite and mutually exclusive: either you meditate in order to find silence and inner peace. Or you dance and sing and breathe and touch to rediscover your aliveness.
In my experience these two qualities can complement and enrich each other in a beautiful and natural way. Stillness gives depth to aliveness and enables us to integrate all that has been touched and brought to the surface through the dynamic work. Stillness can lead us back to ourselves. Aliveness protects stillness from becoming stale and rigid, bringing out its softness and flexibility, its inherent openness gives it warmth and strength. When you are really alive it is hard to hold on or control our experience.

From the beginning I have found these two qualities as essential and supportive for my inner growth. To discover and to nourish them is the aim of my work as meditation teacher, Zen-Shiatsu practitioner and Skan-body worker.

Axel Wasmann